I Was Blown Away by the L’oréal Paris Air Volume Mascara

I am always looking for long floating eyelashes with a little volume. And even if I managed to achieve body and length with cult Mascaras (consider them L’Oréal Paris paradise of voluminous eyelashes), I have never managed to find a formula that gives me raised, curled and almost “floating” Twiggy eyelashes. I wasn’t even sure if it was without a pacifier until L’Oréal Paris dropped its Mega Air Volume Mascara (or should I say, skydiving). With its slightly airy formula and its fluffy two-bristled brush, the voluminous Mascara looked promising. I tried it in the hope of achieving the status of a 1960s Lady. Read on to find out if it worked.

How the air volume Mega Mascara works
Even before unscrewing the air volume cap, I was immediately impressed by the packaging. It’s an elegant millennial pink tube with black text in blocks that I put on my vanity (and Instagram!). The other thing that immediately struck me was the lightness of the Tube, which complements the “whipped” formula inside. According to a study by the brand, 84% of testers agree that the formula is “light as air” on your eyelashes. I couldn’t wait to see how my experience adapted.

What does Mega Air Volume Mascara look like?

After curling my eyelashes, I unscrewed the cap to apply air and was surprised by the weightlessness of the wand itself in my hand. I waved the large bristle brush on my upper lashes, then on my lower lashes and repeated both for two coats. Immediately, the formula separated each eyelash for a curved and raised effect. I almost couldn’t believe it. I repeated the same technique on the other eye and came back for a third and final coat on both eyes, but honestly, it wasn’t necessary. The Pigment slid perfectly into place and coated each eyelash with a minimum of effort on my part. My eyelashes looked fluttery and fluttery like I always wanted, and I felt very optimistic.

About an hour after application, I blinked several times to see if the formula was fluffy, heavy or dry after Installation, as is the matter with many Mascaras. It didn’t feel that way at all. Instead, I felt like I wasn’t even wearing Mascara. However, a quick glance in the mirror assured me that I was pretty sure and that the formula was not moving or peeling off. Still, the mascara was so light that I almost forgot to take it off as I was getting ready for bed. When I wanted to remove it, I was also impressed by how easily the formula came off with a cleansing balm. Air is available in five colors: black (which I used), black the blackest, black brown, black waterproof and black the blackest waterproof.

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