Way to Apply Makeup Over Dry Flaky Skin

If you have dry skin, applying makeup can lead to a flaky or pasty surface and pilling products. With a little preparation and the right moisturizing products and application techniques, you will also get an impeccable makeup for dry skin in autumn and winter. Here, five professional makeup artists share their tips.

Tip 1: Stick to a solid skin care routine

“The process of moisturizing dry skin can take weeks, so it is important to systematically use the right skin care,” says makeup artist Gabriel Almodovar. To begin with, he recommends peeling once or twice a week. Continue with a moisturizing base such as Lancôme Expert UV Sunscreen for a hydrated and protected base for makeup. He also suggests using a formula for makeup similar to a serum such as l’Oréal Paris True Match unclad hyaluronic acid tinted serum, containing 1% serum with hyaluronic acid and the complexion, available in 10 colors.

Tip 2: Use Moisturizing Makeup Products

Her famous makeup artist Mary Irwin says it’s important to know what’s in her makeup. “Look for moisturizing mixture like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E or argan oil,” she says. It makes up your skin, but a superior foundation + skin care is a good choice because it contains hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and soothing Aloe Vera. We also like the YSL Beauty nu Bare Look, a clear complexion with hyaluronic acid, for a fresh and fresh complexion.

Tip 3: Avoid excess powder

Mark Anastasios, assistant vice president of NYX Professional Makeup, also recommends taking into account the texture of your makeup products. “If you choose a finely ground formula so that the NYX professional makeup cannot stop, the powder will not stick as a foundation and not as an additional texture,” he says. Anastasios also suggests using skin products that stimulate luminosity instead of a matte foundation. “Dry skin looks the most supple and hydrated when you opt for a creamy or satin foundation formula like Born to Glow! Naturally radiant foundation.”

Tip 4: Press, never pull

Beauty expert and makeup artist Jenny Patinkin says the way you apply your makeup products is also important. “The key to a gentle application on dry skin is to tap rather than pull,” she says. Patikin’s favorite method of applying foundation to dry skin is a damp beauty sponge (the Infallible foundation blender from L’Oréal Paris Blend Artist is our favorite). She advises to put the product in the skin in short and fast movements.

Tip 5: Use a moisturizing facial mist

The best way to keep makeup on dry skin all day is to use a facial mist, explains Dominique Lerma, executive artist of MODA Brush. “If you dry yourself all day, keep a rosewater spray on hand to revitalize the skin,” she says. We recommend Thayer’s rose Petal face mist to keep your skin fresh and dandruff-free.

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