Way to Use a Color Correcting Concealer

The concealer is a cosmetic secret weapon to hide the signs of after-night and minimize imperfections. While a skin color corrector alone can work wonders, a color corrector can do even more magic. For example, you can use a peach formula to erase all dark circles and a green formula to reduce the appearance of red acne breakouts. In this guide you will find everything you need to know about the color correction corrector, including how to choose the shade that suits you.


What is a color corrector?

Color correctors are designed to neutralize skin imperfections such as redness, pallor and general discoloration. And although some mild skin discoloration problems can often be covered with a foundation and a classic concealer, wearing a color correcting concealer under your foundation can give you the complete coverage you are looking for.

How to apply a color corrector

Once you have your product, remember that less is more. Apply the right color corrector to all the desired areas, then press your foundation onto your face. If more coverage is needed, apply your skin color corrector with a damp makeup sponge. This pressing technique ensures that the color corrector stays in place.

How to choose a color corrector

Refer to the color wheel to determine which color to use. Complementary colors or opposite pairs on the color wheel cancel each other out and give your face a neutral canvas for applying foundation. Read on for a full breakdown of each shade.

How to use green color correctors

The green color can help correct red spots such as moles, rashes or acne. If you suffer from moderate redness of the cheeks, rosacea or eczema, choose a green concealer to neutralize the red. We recommend a moisturizing formula such as the YSL Beauty NU Tone Concealer in translucent green, which can be worn alone or under the foundation to soothe redness.

How to use yellow color correctors

The yellow corrects the pink and the very subtle reds. Use a yellow concealer to minimize broken capillaries or mild skin sensitivities. This color is ideal for neutralizing redness around the nose and mouth. For best results, apply a small total to the hand and mix, mix, mix. To try it yourself, use the NYX Professional Makeup Color Corrector Palette-it contains all the colors you need in a convenient compact matter.

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