You Can Use Concealer as an Eyeshadow Primer

If you’ve ever followed a makeup tutorial, you’ve probably seen a beauty vlogger launch an eyeshadow look with concealer instead of a proper eyeshadow base. The Look, of course, Turns out to be fabulous in the end and convinces everyone who looks that foundation is not always necessary for the eyes. Recently, however, we have been wondering if using a concealer as an eyeshadow base would actually last all day. Or does skipping a Base cause your eyeshadow to slide off after a few hours? To find the answer, we met with celebrity makeup artist Billie Gene.

Can you use concealer as an eyeshadow base?

According to Gene, face concealers and foundation do not work as an eyeshadow primer due to their slippery and extra coloring. Correctors can change the color of the shade, which makes you apply more product or lose the actual Pigment of the desired shade — which can be the opposite of what you want, especially if you are working with a particularly unique shade (think Duochromes and light shades).

Instead, Gene recommends pots of paint and Urban Decay eye shadow primers, both formulated to preserve your eye shadow and offer the best possible pigment absorption.

In terms of application, Gene recommends using a single pea-sized total. “You only need a thin layer to capture your shadow,” says Gene, who warns against an overabundance of thick layers of foundation that can actually make a texture appear on the eye and distort the Pigment of your eyeshadow.

So, should you use a concealer on your lid? Not if you want a flawless eyeshadow that lasts all day. The concealer works if you just need to smooth out your skin tone (if you look at yourself, NYX professional makeup can’t stop the concealer)—but if not, we recommend letting the eye primers do their job.

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