Your Complete Guide to Concealer Textures

The corrector is a product of the production of multi-valued products. Whether you lighten dark circles, cover imperfections or use them instead of a base, concealer is an undeniable beauty in their arsenal. Depending on the types and textures available, it can be difficult to find the right one to answer your concerns. To help you choose the formula that suits you, we will explain below the different types of concealers and textures.
Types of concealer texture

Liquid Concealer

This popular texture is ideal for covering dark circles and giving radiance to your complexion This popular texture is an ideal for the memory of the soul and the body of the man to your complexion. Many liquid concealers have moisturizing formulas that offer a radiant finish, which makes them a good choice for all skin types, and especially for dry skin. I love the everywhere Lancôme Teint Idols Ultra Wear concealer and the Luminous Silk concealer from Giorgio Armani Beauty, which contains glycerin and moisturizes for 24 hours. If you have dry skin, we recommend avoiding liquid concealers with a matte finish-I would like to highlight the device from dry skin.

Corrective Balm

Corrective balms, such as the RMS beauty Un-cover-up, are thicker and last all day, even on oily skin. Texture and color are the ideal combination for layering. If you say that you are prone to rashes, a tree is your best friend. Just use the anti-wrinkle pads or the after base for the blush mask. If you are looking for a sleeve and one that captures your body, apply the product with tweezers.

Concealer Cream

The Concealer Cream is a hybrid made out of love for concealers. One of our favorites, the Dermablend covering cream, the perfume for the skin, hyperpigmentation and skin depressions – and the formula for the can also be used all over the face for more luminosity. If you have sensitive or rash-prone skin, make sure that you are looking for a correct one that is alcohol-free, non-comedogenic and alcohol-free.

Correction stick

Concealer Sticks, like the Super beautiful true match Concealer Pencil from L’Oréal Paris, have a semi-firm texture, ideal for hiding small imperfections and brown pins. Since the formula is housed in a stick, it is an ideal for travel and to touch up your when you are on the go. So, when working with oily skin or blending, imagine a different texture.

Color Correcting Corrector

If you have redness, pallor or discolorations, we recommend that you use a correct coloring for your color. Various colored correctors-such as green, purple and red-neutralize a lot of undesirables. For an affordable option, we love the color correction palette from NYX Professional MAKEUP. For only, you get six balm-like concealers in different shades to address your concerns. For example, the green shade is ideal for blemishes or redness of the Skin, while the orange concealer is perfect for embellishments or decorations in darker skin tones.

Correction Pen

While a balm or a concealer jar can be your choice for storing spots or dark circles, a concealer pen is incomparable for brightening your complexion. The concealer pens have precise tips, which makes them perfect for retouching under the eyes, staging and proofing the brow arches or decoding the skin of your eyes or cupid’s bow. Do you want to try a correction yourself? For the YSL Beauty style All-Over highlighter, choose Touché Eclat.

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